Learn and experience how you, as a passionate presentation professional, can appear self-confident and convincing in each of your individual presentation scenarios and sustainably achieve your desired results with your competent and personal impact. Whenever you present, e.g. as a leader, manager, expert, lecturer or speaker - your presentation personality and your impact tools are the keys to open and inspire yourself and your audience to your TOP topics and ideas.


With high expectations you sit in a presentation that begins like this: "Before I get to the actual topic, I would like to briefly introduce myself and our company...".

The drama begins: Overloaded PowerPoint slides with endless number-data-fact graveyards, followed by a bit of buzzword bingo and a few superlatives from the self-congratulation drawer. The whole thing emotionlessly delivered (or: read out!), in a monotone voice, without any empathy. Afterwards, the actual topic is dealt with so exhaustively that the audience either leaves the room early or pulls out their laptops and mobile phones and plays them. Significantly later than planned, the presentation finally ends - and you think: "I could do that so much better!"

Your ambition is fired up, highly motivated you prepare your next client presentation. Suddenly self-doubt and questions pop into your head: What is my key message? How do I find  the right words for a great opening and distinguish myself with content highlights and a personal profile? And how do I activate and motivate my audience to listen with pleasure and concentration until the end and then invest time and money in my ideas?

A few days before your presentation, you then experience your new boss: lively, charismatic and self-confident, presenting the most difficult topics in a comprehensible way, confidently involving the audience and finally receiving the well-deserved applause - donated by her grateful listeners who can hardly wait to be part of the next major project.

What now? Are you still highly motivated? Do you doubt whether you can reach this high level? Or are you frustrated because the road to becoming a passionate presentation professional seems too long and rocky? Or do you never experience scenarios like the ones just outlined? Maybe you are already a good presenter, but you are facing new challenges because you are breaking new ground with online formats, or presentations in a foreign language, your audience is becoming more critical, or your presentation szenarios are becoming more important and larger.

In Presenting with P.A.S.S.I.O.N. you will find answers and ideas on how to master your presentation challenges. On your way to becoming a presentation professional, you will leave your comfort zone and some well-worn paths - and discover new ones. How long your journey takes depends on your motivation, your self-confidence, your individual pace and your individual topics and challenges.

One thing is for sure: the faster you start, the faster you will reach your goal. Let's go!    


Presenting with P.A.S.S.I.O.N., the systematic success strategy for effective presentations with a personal profile, comprises seven impact modules:

P rofile and Priorities: You gain clarity!
A ttractiveness: You strengthen your charisma!
CIL Profile: You make an impact!
S tory and structure: You present excitingly!
I nteractive: You present WITH your audience!
O nline: You conquer your digital stage!
N eed for sustainability: You achieve effective results!

All impact modules combine research results and empirical findings from various fields (e.g. business psychology, motivation research, rhetoric, theatre and film) with well-founded analysis tools, and tried and tested tips for presentation practice.

The result: quickly applicable methods and ideas for systematically optimising one's own presentation skills and effectiveness -  for convincing presentations that motivate and enable everyone involved to achieve the best results. 


The Key Topic

Presenting with P.A.S.S.I.O.N. focuses on seven elementary impact modules that you can discover, influence and optimise for yourself. This activates and strengthens your presentation potential, enables you to individually transfer your learnings into the presentation situations that are relevant to you, and quickly gets you into moving and doing.


You increase your individual presentation repertoire quickly and easily with effective methods of presenting messages and complex content in a varied and exciting way.


You use the activation methods and interactive techniques that suit you best to always gain and keep the full attention of your audience in your different presentation formats.


You will learn how to continuously optimise your appearance, your content, the structure and the script of your presentations so that you achieve implementable results in the shortest possible time and with a long-term effect.


You discover your motivational drivers and define your roles as well as your presentation style in order to present (yourself) confidently.


If you know who and what you want to reach and move, you will find the right ways to achieve your presentation goals. Here you can learn how.


You will learn how to play the keyboard of communication channels with confidence and use them in such a way that you achieve your desired effect with every audience.


As a multi-certified business coach and trainer for personal motivation and impact and as a Professional Member of the German Speakers Association (GSA), Bernd Sturm is a proven expert for effective presentations and convincing appearances.

Thanks to several years as a responsible manager for Human Resouces Development and HR Marketing in two corporate groups and in a communi-cation agency, Bernd is very familiar with the challenges of the people he has accompanied as a sparring partner since 2002:  Whether they are managing directors, executives, managers, experts or young professionals - they all want to present themselves confidently and convincingly in front of their audience - even if the content is complex and the audience critical.

Bernd became the first Edutainment Manager on board an international cruise ship, where he broadened his horizons and also tried out new ways for effective presentations on a large stage - today he benefits from this as a moderator and speaker at congresses, trade fairs and events for his clients.

In Presenting with P.A.S.S.I.O.N. you will experience Bernd in his element and with a crystal clear focus: on you! Let yourself be inspired and become a passionate presentation professional - have fun!  


€ 339

  • Fair single payment, immediate access for 12 months, no automatic subscription renewal
  • Access to 20 impact videos "Presenting with P.A.S.S.I.O.N."
  • Downloads of additional templates
    (e.g. implementation agenda)
  • All updates within 12 months


€ 559

  • Fair single payment,  immediate access for 12 months, no automatic subscription renewal
  • Access to 20 impact videos "Presenting with P.A.S.S.I.O.N."
  • Downloads of additional templates
    (e.g. implementation agenda)
  • All updates within 12 months  
  • PLUS: 
  • Workbook "Presenting with P.A.S.S.I.O.N." 
    with numerous exercises and checklists, approx. 150 pages
    (VALUE: 50 EUR)
  • 8 x participation in Live Online Workshops 
    with Q&A session, with Bernd Sturm, 45-60 minutes each
    (VALUE: 360 EUR)


€ 1079

  • Fair single payment, immediate access for 12 months, no automatic subscription renewal
  • Access to 20 impact videos "Presenting with P.A.S.S.I.O.N."
  • Downloads of additional templates (e.g. individual implementation agenda)
  • All updates within 12 months
  • Workbook "Presenting with P.A.S.S.I.O.N." 
    with numerous exercises and checklists, approx. 150 pages
    (VALUE: 50 EUR)
  • 8 x participation in Live Online Workshops including Q&A session, with Bernd Sturm, 
    45-60 minutes each 
    (VALUE: 360 EUR) 
  • PLUS:
  • Individual Presentation Coaching PREMIUM 1:1 with Bernd Sturm, 90 minutes, online
    (VALUE: 400 EUR)
  • Online Analysis 
    (Reiss Motivation Profile
    SCIL Profile);
    including Online Review with Bernd Sturm
    (VALUE: 450 EUR)


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"Complete in content and well structured - with wonderful videos, valuable supporting material and lots of tips for my presentations and meetings."

Heike Münch
Senior Sales Representative - Atradius Credit Insurance

"Bernd Sturm manages to take me on stage authentically and empathically and to provide support like a shadow. This online course is my best companion for successful performances thanks to the modular building blocks."

Peter Weidig
Head of Holding Services -  
Franz Haniel & Cie.

"A clear "yes" for this online course! Bernd manages to establish closeness despite digital distance and to provide me with practical know-how for the structure and presentation of my content."

Sophia Schneider
Business Coach & Trainer -
Institut für Persönlichkeit